Hi! I am Liz Child, co-owner of The Veg Box Cafe in Canterbury, England. Check out the website here. I am in the (very slow as I have two young children) process of writing a cook book for and about the cafe, and this blogging business is a really helpful way to keep my hand in and keep the ball rolling. I can really recommend blogging for people who don’t have very much time. I take pictures with my phone and then whenever I have a few minutes (even waiting in line to pick the kids up from school) I can rattle off a quick blog post. This way I can get my thoughts and recipes down pretty much as soon as they appear in my head…and before they disappear for ever.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and find some inspiration in them. Let me know how they go if you try any! Probably most will be what I cook at home for my family and friends but whenever I get into the cafe I will try and share some recipes from there too. I am also making some recipe cards and artwork which I will incorporate into the styling of the book so expect to see some of that here too 🙂
Liz x





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