Chanterelle Orzotto

I have finally started making recipe card prints again. Summer disappeared in a flash this year and so so far I have spring and only one vegetable from summer done… Not great progress but the ball seems to be rolling once more.

Here are some beautiful chanterelles I picked up from our local farmers market The Goods Shed

I get excited by wild mushrooms and haven’t found chanterelles myself before. Thought these would make some lovely prints and an even better lunch. And so to work!
Here are the prints



And here my lovely autumnal lunch…

I love making risotto-style dishes with different grains. Pearl barleyotto, speltotto and orzotto are my usual favourites. Orzo is a very useful and delicious rice-shaped pasta which you can get in most good food shops now. This recipe is very simple.

~ Start by making a bowl of saffron stock. Simply pour freshly boiled water over a pinch of saffron strands, some salt and pepper in a glass bowl or jug.

~ fry a large, finely diced onion and some chopped garlic in a wide pan with olive oil and a knob of butter. Fry on medium until the onions soften and start to colour.

~ add your portions of orzo pasta with a splash of Marsala wine and stir until the liquid has been absorbed by the pasta.

~ add your chanterelles (or whichever mushrooms you like) to the pan with a ladleful of saffron stock. Stir until the liquid is absorbed.

~ add another ladleful of stock, stir until the pasta has drunk it all up and keep repeating until the pasta is cooked through.

~ taste for seasoning and finish off the dish with a dash of cream, some chopped parsley and finely grated hard cheese. The cream and cheese is not strictly necessary and this dish could very easily be made vegan if you leave them and the butter out. (Easily gluten free too if you substitute the orzo for risotto rice.) Very nice with toasted nuts/seeds on top!

Enjoy! Liz x


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